MVRx: Our name says it all

We are researchers, engineers and developers with deep medical device expertise, working to improve the quality of life for people living with heart failure related mitral valve regurgitation.

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Robert Chang, President, CEO & Co-Founder

A medical device entrepreneur and innovator, Rob developed and championed the company's technology now known as the ARTO System from its beginnings to the current late-stage global clinical trials. Rob is a hands-on manager and enjoys working with teams to achieve unimaginable objectives.

Rob has more than 30 years of executive and development experience, predominantly in structural heart therapies. Most recently he was an Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Sadra Medical prior to its acquisition by Boston Scientific Corporation and remained with Boston as a Vice President after the acquisition. Prior to Sadra, Robert co-founded and served as President, CEO and Director at Ample Medical. Previously, he held positions of increasing responsibility at Satiety, IsoStent and Devices for Vascular Intervention.

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Dinah DiBernardo-Marchini, Senior Director of Quality Assurance

Dinah thrives in innovative environments focused on bringing new therapies to improve the lives of people. Dinah develops quality and regulatory systems supporting cross-functional operations and promoting quick development and commercial pathways.

Dinah has more than 35 years of experience in the medical device field including quality, regulatory, manufacturing, and R&D activities. Most recently, Dinah led the quality functions with regulatory oversight at PneumRx. Dinah's deep experience includes leadership positions at Coalescent Surgical, Conceptus, Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, and numerous other medical device companies.

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Samantha Greene, Vice President, Clinical Affairs

An internationally-experienced clinical development strategist for the medical device industry, Samantha initiated the design and execution of the MAVERIC trial to assess the safety and performance of the ARTO System. Samantha continues to lead the clinical strategy and operations of MVRx.

Samantha has more than 20 years of international clinical research experience in the medical device field , including client work in Europe, the United Kingdom and the U.S. thru her consultancy, Cardiavance Ltd. Her work has included leading three first in world trials including the first consecutive patient trial in TAVR, the first randomized trial on DES and 1 month DAPT and the first FDA single arm pivotal trial in DES. Additionally, Samantha has served in leadership roles at Edwards Lifesciences, IsoStent, KeraVision, and other medical device firms.

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Timothy Machold, Vice President, R & D & Co-Founder

Tim led the development of the ARTO System leading to the initiation of the MAVERIC Trail. At MVRx, Tim leads a strong team in the technical development activities including product enhancement, next generation devices, and early stage manufacturing.

Tim has developed innovative products in the medical device field for more than 30 years and holds over 115 US patents. Most recently, he has served as product development consultant to the medical device start-ups PneumRx, Niveus and MVRx. Previously, he helped found and served as Vice President of R&D at Ample Medical, Radiant, Transvascular, and Heartport. Tim began his medical device career as a Sr R&D Engineer at Advanced Cardiovascular Systems advancing in several roles to General Manager of their first vertically integrated division.

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David Rahdert, Director, R & D & Co-Founder

Experienced in developing medical devices from early concept to commercial use, Dave oversees a wide range of activities including design, numerical modeling, preclinical studies, life cycle testing, reliability/quality assessment and support of clinical cases for the ARTO System. Dave continues to lead a wide array of functional and cross-functional initiatives throughout our organization.

Dave has over 25 years in engineering in the medical technology field with a focus on cardiovascular devices. Most recently, Dave was a consulting professional to the medical device industry. Previously Dave served in various engineering and management roles at both large and small medical device companies including Boston Scientific Corporation's Structural Heart Division, Cordis Corporation, Pacific Consultants, IsoStent, as well as co-founding startups Ample Medical and Farallon MedSystems.